4 Unique Wedding Ring Ideas for Geeky Couples

Are you interested in having custom wedding rings created for you and your spouse? Do you want wedding rings that reflect your favourite geeky, nerdy or quirky interests? You're in luck, as this post gives some great inspiration for wedding rings inspired by everything from Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings.

1. Golden Snitch Ring

Any Harry Potter fan will be thrilled to receive a snitch-inspired wedding ring. You could design the band of the ring to look like the wings of the snitch wrapping around your finger, choosing silver or white gold for an authentic look. For the centre, a bright yellow stone, like sapphire, is the perfect representation of the snitch. To someone who doesn't know Harry Potter, it will simply look like a gorgeous yellow ring, while real fans will spot the significance immediately.

2. Lord of the Rings Elvish Ring

As the name suggests, Lord of the Rings offers up plenty of ring inspiration. You could go with a simple gold band, engraved with your own message in Elvish, to replicate the main ring in the story. Alternatively, you could take inspiration from the 'Elvish Ring of Power' worn by Galadriel in the series. This ring is made of a white/silver metal, making silver or white gold a good choice. It's described as being set with a white stone, so you could consider opal or moonstone. In the films, the ring is depicted with an intricate flower in the centre, making it perfect for nature lovers.

3. Pokemon Ring

You may have seen Pokeball ring boxes before, but why not go the whole way and design custom Pokemon rings for you and your partner? You could go for a ring with a red stone, like a ruby, set in the centre, with a silver setting to replicate a Pokeball. Alternatively, choose your favourite Pokemon and design a band that features them leaping up each side of the band for a cool symmetrical look with a stone of your choice in the centre.

4. Pac-Man Ring

More about retro gaming than fantasy worlds? Consider a simple band engraved with the classic Pac-Man symbols. Alternatively, consider creating two complementary rings, one with Pac-Man and one with a ghost, designing them to line up when you and your partner put your hands together. These can also be a nice minimalist option if you simply cut the shapes out of silver or gold.

Don't feel like you're stuck with a traditional wedding ring if that's not your style. Instead, consider having a custom wedding ring created to reflect your unique interests. For more information about custom wedding rings, contact a jeweller.