4 Reasons People Love Handcrafted Jewellery

If you are looking to add more personality to your style, handcrafted jewellery pieces are a great way to accessorise and add character to an outfit. They are different from mass-produced cast jewellery as the pieces are individually crafted and designed by hand, without the use of machines, casts or computer-aided design programs. Handcrafted jewellery is gaining immense popularity and here are 4 reasons why.


Due to the jewellery being crafted by hand, no two pieces are the exact same. These imperfections add individuality and uniqueness to each and every piece. This is often why many people are drawn towards handcrafted jewellery as they love that the raw look of the pieces and knowing that they won't look the same as anyone else.


Creating jewellery by hand often takes a long period of time and involves a lot of hard work and patience. Without the use of machines, moulds and computer-aided design programs, handcrafted jewellers have to use more laborious techniques and tools. This is often why handcrafted jewellery is more expensive. However, the work behind the piece makes it a more meaningful and valuable purchase. They also make a great gift idea for a friend or partner.


Mass production can often be detrimental to the environment and often results in unethical work practices. Without the use of machines or factories, handcrafted jewellery is a sustainable alternative to more mainstream jewellery.  Many handcrafted jewellers proudly emphasise that their products are ethically produced. Buying from smaller jewellers is also a great way to support small and local businesses.

High Quality

Handcrafted jewellery is often superior in quality than alternatives such as cast jewellery. Due to how cast jewellery is moulded and set, it often lacks the strength and durability that comes with jewellery that is handcrafted. This is because handcrafting pieces involves using more traditional methods such as hammering, bending and forging which doesn't take away the integrity of each piece. This results in the pieces often lasting a longer time.

If you are shopping around for some jewellery, it's a great idea to look into handcrafted jewellery. They are gaining immense popularity due to their uniqueness, high quality, ethical practices and it can be a great way to support smaller businesses. They also make great gifts for loved ones. Each jeweller has their own signature style so make sure you find one that matches your style the best.

For more information, contact a handcrafted jewellery store in your area.