3 Key Steps To Designing Your Own Engagement Ring

When you just can't find the perfect engagement ring, or you simply love the idea of having a ring that's unique to you, you may wish to commission a custom-made ring that meets your criteria both structurally and aesthetically. Ordering a bespoke ring isn't as difficult as you might think, but there are a few design stages you'll need to go through when creating your perfect ring, so you will need to have a good idea of what you want your engagement ring to look like. Here's an overview of three key steps in the design process:

Gem Shape

You'll need to select a gem shape for your ring, and this can be considered as your most important decision in the process as the gem shape sets the tone for the ring. If you'd like a classic or vintage design, opt for an emerald, pear or oval gem shape. Round, heart and marquise gem shapes should be considered if you want a ring with a contemporary style, while princess, cushion and Asscher gem shapes represent elegance and sophistication.


The next step in designing your own custom-made engagement ring is to choose the type of metal you want for the band. Yellow or rose gold complements classic gem shapes, and either of these options would work well for those seeking a traditional or conservative style of ring. White gold is a relatively recent choice for engagement ring bands, and as such, it's popular with those who prefer a contemporary style of ring. Platinum is rarer than gold, so it's more expensive and typically used to convey elegance.  


Once you've selected your gem shape and metal, you'll need to choose a ring style, which typically refers to how the gemstones are arranged on the band. You can get really creative with this part of the process, but if you need some ideas, there are a few popular styles worth considering. You could opt for a solitaire ring, which features one central stone. This style of ring can make the gemstone look bigger than it is, but a solitaire setting is also a good choice for those who want an understated ring that won't attract too much attention.

Halo rings have a central stone similar to solitaire rings, but they also have smaller stones set around the circumference of the central stone. This style of ring is ideal for highlighting the main gemstone and is a good choice for those opting for a coloured stone, such as a sapphire or emerald, as the border around the central stone can reflect light onto it and highlight its beauty.

Trilogy rings typically have a larger central gemstone with a smaller stone at each side of it. This style of ring is a good choice for those wishing to convey a strong sense of commitment, as the three stones together are said to symbolise the past, present and future.

Deciding to have an engagement ring custom-made can open up a greater variety of options for you, but you should always consider the wearer's lifestyle when making your final decision. Your jeweller will be happy to discuss the design process with you in greater detail should you have any concerns before committing to the manufacturing stage.